x~Kay~x (i_hate_divit) wrote in divit,

Rufio gig

September 2003 the U.K is expecting Rufio! Yes! Rufio are coming the United Kingdom! How sweet is this? This is greatest opportunity to promote fellow brothers Divit! Do what the fuck you want! Write the e-mail address on your forehead, print out http://www.ihatedivit.com and just randomly place the notes anywhere! (As long as what you do isn’t against the law haha..You’ll be alright…)

If it’s possible! You could wear you divit t-shirt before the rufio gig or you could take your Divit cd with you and just randomly talk to strangers! (Like I would).

I know its rufio's gig and the nights dedicated to them but they get enough promo as it is, its about time we all kicked ass and fuckin promoted Divit, right?

Over and Out


MON, SEP 1 - Glasgow - King Tuts
TUE, SEP 2 - Leeds - Josephs Well
WED, SEP 3 - Swindon - The Furnace
THU, SEP 4 - Leicester - Charlotte
FRI, SEP 5 - Sheffield - Corporation
SAT, SEP 6 - Brighton - Freebutt
SUN, SEP 7 - London - Underworld
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haha divit's going to be playing at Freebutt... oh man
but yeah i'd so promote divit!! how about we make it a group thing and take pics of the divit logo on something/someone? c'mon we need more "group" things!!!
lol! that be wicked!! Get the Brighton crew to kick some butt :P :) xx